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The surest way to prevent occupational deafness is to reduce the noise source using different methods. However, in certain jobs one can not do anything or can do very little to reduce noise. In these jobs, workers must use hearing protection to reduce the amount of noise reaching the ears.

Workers should wear hearing protection devices if the noise level at work is above 85 decibels. Hearing protectors reduce noise exposure and risk of hearing loss.

The effectiveness of hearing protection is greatly reduced when hearing protectors don`t fit well or if they are not worn all the time during the exposure to noise. To maintain their effectiveness, earplugs / earmuffs should not be modified in any way.

Choosing the hearing protector is a personal matter and depends on a number of factors, including noise, comfort, and the type of work. First of all, hearing protection devices should be able to reduce the noise enough.

If the noise exposure is intermittent, earmuffs are recommended to be used, as earplugs are more difficult to handle and can be easily contaminated, thus the risk of ear contamination.

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